• Kirsty Kerr

Warwickshire recognizes “hidden carers”

On June 12, Warwickshire County Council partnered with Coventry City Council to host the annual Coventry and Warwickshire Joint Carers Conference. With more than 100 politician and local carers attending, the conference expressed their interests in promoting the “hidden carers”. Those who qualified as providing emotional support, social activities, discussion groups, and specialist information are all considered as carers. However, many of them failed to identify themselves as carers, therefore, they don’t know how to access eligible support for their services.

During the conference, local authorities along with a member of a representative from the Warwick University introduced the development of Care Companion, which is a tool designed for carers to use. Grapevine, a charity that helps people in Coventry and Warwickshire who are experiencing isolation, poverty, and disadvantage, addressed the attendees on how to improve the engagement between support services and “hidden carers” so that they can be benefitted from the aid provided by local authorities.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, The leader of Warwickshire County Council, spoke about making Warwickshire a “great place for carers means ensuring that everybody knows about the help that is available for them. Many people, especially those who care for a parent or other relative, may not realize they are a carer and this is something we are striving to change.” Ram Mahendran, Director of Bromson Hill Nursing Home, also notes that “(hidden)carers provided the support we all needed, and it's important to let them know there are people supporting their contributions.”

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