Ram Mahendran

Nominated Individual

Ram is the Director and owner of Bromson Hill Nursing Home. 

Ram is primarily a professional economist, and has 18 years of experience in that field. He notes that "being an economist helps me understand the balance between the needs of residents, staff and owners and helps me engage proactively and credibly with our stakeholders, including Warwickshire County Council".


He has 13 years of experience in the care sector in both residential care and nursing homes. He became the Nominated Individual at Bromson Hill in August 2018. He is committed to ensuring the Home maintains and improves the standard of care it provides and is ultimately responsible for the Home. His mission is to provide the upmost care for residents as well as security for their loved ones that they are in the best hands at Bromson Hill. He meticulously looks after the home as his objective is for the home to be the premier home within its area. 

Mrs. B Mahendran

Operations Director

Mrs Mahendran is Financial Controller in the health sector in north London and has more than 13 years’ experience in the care sector. In terms of her role at Bromson Hill, she focuses on financial control and operations including purchases and facilities. She will oversee the major refurbishment program underway at Bromson Hill.

Carmen Niculaescu

Registered Manager

Carmen, previously a registered nurse, took on the role of Registered Manager in March of 2020. Carmen hires all of the nurses, processes all the inquiries, and is responsible for the day to day operations of the home. 


Carmen is passionate about care and in particular, the training that goes into delivering the best care. She says that “it is my job to make sure the residents get the care they need and deserve at our care home which starts from the staff’s level of training”. The staff is thoroughly trained during their entire time working at Bromson Hill rather than once after being hired. Carmen additionally ensures that Bromson Hill’s staff all have someone they can trust to help, listen to, and guide them. 

Jeanette Corby

Deputy Manager and Registered Nurse

Before becoming the Deputy Manager and Registered Nurse at Bromson Hill Nursing Home, she was a nursing home manager for 20 years. Her experience in management has given her the skills to achieve the highest standards of care and continuously find ways to improve the home. She has proven to be a strong leader and motivates other employees to make Bromson Hill the best. 
Additionally, Jeanette is highly educated within the nursing field. She has 40+ years’ experience of working as a nurse throughout her life. She has participated in numerous training sessions in order to enhance her capabilities. Through her work experience, she has gained a renowned reputation in the nursing field. Her presence at Bromson Hill has improved the quality of care for all of the residents as well as the home as a whole. Jeanette notes that “at Bromson Hill, the management and nursing teams work so closely with the residents that it has become like a small family”. The community at Bromson Hill is very tight knit as it is independent and family owned, which has made her experience working there unique and unlike any other.