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Variety of Care Services

Extra Support Provided

We recognise that each resident has unique needs. We have an established team of nurses and qualified carers who provide excellent nursing care as prescribed by each resident's specialist and family doctor. Residents come to us from hospitals or their own homes and can stay for short periods (days/weeks) or for a longer period of time (months/years).

We strive to provide the highest standards of care, tailored to suit every individual. Our Nominated Individual, who is responsible for ensuring the standards of care at the Home are maintained and improved, has more than 13 years of experience in the care sector. At Bromson Hill, our carers are devoted to building personal relationships in order to understand our residents’ needs and provide exceptional care. We are independent because not being a part of a large corporate group keeps us focused on the needs of residents and families. With at least one registered nurse present at the home 24 hours a day, we put the safety and interests of our residents above all else.


We are guided by our core values of dignity, respect, independence, privacy and choice, which ensure we fulfill our residents’ needs at all times.

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