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Is Bromson Hill near me?

Bromson Hill nursing home is located in Ashorne, Warwick. It is conveniently located 7 miles from central Warwick and 10 miles from Royal Leamington Spa. Our location allows residents to enjoy the countryside while also being nearby to town centres for any shopping they may need to do.

What is the Bromson Hill CQC rating?

Upon an unannounced inspection, we received a “good” rating in all categories. The categories include Safe, Caring, Effective, Responsible, and Well-led. Please follow the link to read more about the inspection. 

How can I arrange a visit to Bromson Hill Nursing Home?

You may arrange a visit through the enquiry on our website, by emailing us at, or by calling our manager at 01926 651106.

How do you ensure an abusive free environment at your home?

We ensure a safe environment during every resident’s stay at our care home through our high levels of staffing of experienced nurses. We thoroughly interview and conduct background checks on our staff prior to hiring them so we know the details of their past work experiences and qualifications. Our nurses have a cumulative experience of 150 years; therefore, they are trustworthy and understand the proper protocol and behaviour within a care home. We encourage any feedback and will act on any concerns because we want to make sure every resident is comfortable and feels safe. We also have a nominated individual to act as a secondary point of contact and who has overall responsibility for supervising the management of the home and ensuring the quality of services provided.

Is Bromson Hill an independent home or part of a chain?

Bromson Hill is an independent, family owned home in Warwickshire. It has been operated as so for over 20 years. We are very proud to be a family owned home as we believe it allows for a more close-knit community.

Is the food freshly prepared on the premises?

 Yes – our menu is changed quarterly to keep our resident’s diet interesting and balanced. Our chef caters for all diets and any restrictions. It is available for review upon visiting the Home and on the website. 

Is the garden available and used by the residents?

Yes – we encourage our residents to spend time on in our gardens spaces and take advantage of our beautiful countryside location. Our residents commonly use them in the spring and summer. We host a summer party for residents and their families in the gardens every year.

Are the grounds safe and secure?

Yes. Bromson Hill is located in the very quiet and safe town of Warwickshire. One protocol we take to ensure safety for our residents is locking the premises at 8pm every night. Visitors can still enter the premises past 8pm by notifying the staff inside upon arrival.

What are the training requirements for the staff?

All of our nurses are fully qualified with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, NMC. Our care staff receive extensive training and many are NVQ qualified. As previously stated, our nursing staff has a cumulative experience of over 150 years so they are highly knowledgeable about the nursing and care home industry.

What is the weekly charge?

Our weekly charge ranges from £800-£900 per week for self-funded rooms. The cost may vary dependent on your funding status or local authority. Please see our Fees page for more information on our charges.

How many rooms does the home have?

Our care home has 32 bedrooms, 2 of which can be occupied as twin rooms. Most of the rooms are en-suite and all are equipped with safety features. We have communal lounge areas for residents to socialise and part take in activities. Additionally, the home has a spacious and homely dining room for our residents where we serve a variety of healthy meals.

Can we take our relative out for the day/weekend?

Yes. We have our own mini-bus to take our residents and their families on day-trips around Warwickshire or other areas.

Can I try a short stay in Bromson before I decide to give up my own home?

Yes. We encourage respite stays to ensure you feel happy and comfortable in our care home before permanently moving. Please visit our page on Respite Care to learn more about short-stays at our home.

Can I continue with hobbies and activities I enjoy when I come to stay at Bromson?

At Bromson Hill, we offer a range of activities for residents to take part in every day – please refer to our Activities page on the website. We want our residents to be autonomous during their days so all of the activities are optional in the case they would prefer to spend their time doing something else. We have a part-time activities coordinator to ensure residents are able to have as active a lifestyle as possible. Our coordinator is open to any suggestions if we do not currently provide your desired hobby or activity. We hold quarterly resident, family, and staff meetings where anyone can raise ideas for new activities.

What can I expect on a day-to-day basis?

On a daily basis, you can primarily expect to receive any care, medication, or help you may need. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the communal dining room. You can expect a few activities at any day such as a coffee morning, musical entertainment, creative workshops, or a day trip to popular destination. Many residents spend their days in the communal rooms to socialize and interact with other residents. How you spend each day is entirely up to you but we provide resources to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

What is the process for admission to Bromson Hill?

Our admission process is very seamless and simple. In order to be admitted to Bromson Hill, our manager will perform an assessment. This assessment involves looking at any physical difficulties, health or housing requirements, and more. If you already have a carer like a GP, we will take their opinions into account as well. Your local council should also be contacted to for any funding or other requirements you may need. After the assessment, a care plan will be agreed upon to make sure you are happy with the care you will receive at our home.

What happens if my care or nursing needs increase in the future owing to illness, age, or changing circumstances?

We anticipate this to happen during any residents stay at our home. We cater for any changing needs due to any circumstance. A care plan can always be adapted and altered to provide the most appropriate service.

Is your staff training linked to a national standard?

Yes. Our staff training is linked to NVQ.

How will we be kept up to date with what is happening in our relative’s care?

If you would like to be in contact with staff for updates, managers and nurses are always available. Additionally, you can set up formal meeting if required to get an in-depth conversation on how your relative is being taken care of at our home to rest any concerns you may have.

How often will my relative be seen by staff?

Your relative will be very frequently seen by staff. Anything they require will be taken care of by our nurses and residential staff. We understand that each one of our residents are unique and individual so we make sure to tailor our services to any of their needs. Our mission is to provide the upmost service to the best of our capabilities; therefore, no resident will be left unnoticed. If there is any sudden need, a member of staff is always able to help as we constructed the working schedules so there is consistently ample staff working 24/7.

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