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Nursing homes by me?

Deciding between residential options for care can be difficult and confusing. If you’re asking, “What are nursing homes by me?” it’s important to first understand the differences between nursing homes, care homes, and residential assisted living. All of these are great options for residents of a certain age to live independent lives while receiving the assistance they need.

Residential assisted living facilities have the least amount of support for residents and are most similar to living alone. Residents typically have their own rooms and share common spaces, and they are provided with 24-hour supervision, housekeeping, meals, and activities. There are more residents per each staff member, so anyone requiring more personal attention or medical care may be better off choosing to live in a care home or nursing home instead.

Care homes and nursing homes are very similar but share a couple of key differences. Nursing homes, unlike care homes, are required to have a registered nurse on-site 24-hours every day to attend to any medical needs that may arise. Care homes do not have this requirement but do provide all of the needed non-medical assistance needed. Both have fewer residents per each staff member than residential assisted living facilities, with care homes having approximately 6 residents to each staff member and nursing homes having approximately 4 residents to each staff member.

If a nursing home sounds like the right option for you, NHS Funded Nursing Care Supplements may help you afford the costs. Currently, these supplements are around £183 per week and are paid directly to the nursing home to offset the costs of nursing care.

Bromson Hill Nursing Home in Warwick is both a care home and a nursing home, so we can provide flexibility in the amount of care received by each resident. It is worth nothing that residents receiving nursing care can utilize Funded Nursing Care Supplements. Bromson Hill provides an engaging lifestyle for all residents regardless of the type of care they need; activities such as armchair exercises, music therapy, hair salon, and bingo keep our residents active. If you live in Warwick or the surrounding area and you’re wondering, “Where are nursing homes near me?” then Bromson Hill is a wonderful fit close to home.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to connect with you.

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