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  • Kirsty Kerr

The Return of Care Staff

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

As of Early February, the government decided to end the mandatory vaccination for health and social care staff. The policy, which was in place in care homes since November, has ended up costing the care home workforce 40,000 staff. According to the government, it has finally decided to change course due to the fact that population immunity is higher now than when the policy was introduced, and that Omicron was a less severe variant comparatively to the previous ones.

These policies impacted nursing homes all around the UK, due to much of the nursing home staff being reluctant to vaccinate, leaving many care homes understaffed without those that have the experience for necessary care. UNISON general secretary said the decision was the right thing to do but it shouldn’t have taken the government so long to realize the huge mistake they were making. For such a long period of time 40,000 care workers were left jobless and those they cared for were left without their expert attention. The situation was particularly bad in care homes where the number of filled posts among care workers dipped by a little above 6% since March of Last year. Nursing homes near Warwick, Ashorne, Wiltshire could have been affected by this shortening of staff and this recent mandate unlocks the possibility for many professionally trained residential care staff to come back to work caring for those that need it most.

Bronson Hill can now return to full capacity treating those from all around that come to seek our care, especially those situated around the Warwick region. Next time you search for nursing homes near me, and are looking for the most robust, qualified care, be sure to visit us, located in the village of Ashorne.

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