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Laing-Buisson has launched a survey of nursing costs on behalf of the National Health Service.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Laing-Buisson, a healthcare consultancy, has launched a survey of nursing costs on behalf of the National Health Service. As many readers will know, nursing homes receive a Funded Nursing Care (FNC) payment of £156 per week for residents that qualify as having nursing needs.

Bromson Hill Nursing Home, based near Warwick in the beautiful countryside, primarily hosts nursing residents although we do provide residential and respite care as well. We are registered for 34 occupants meaning we are - mid-sized Home and hence do not have the scale efficiencies available to large homes. Also we are part of a small family owned group of care homes. Hence, we do not have access to the resources available to Homes that are part of large group companies.

The survey requested information from us on our nursing costs as well as the cost of our Manager. However, it did not request information on whether we have more care staff than we would if we were a residential care home or other nursing related costs (eg syringes and medicinal equipment and specialist beds etc).

We therefore consider the methodology flawed and likely to significantly underestimate nursing costs. The FNC is a significant part of our income and this underestimate in true costs is likely to have a material impact. We would also encourage the NHS to peg increases in the FNC to at least increases in the National Living Wage.

For more information please contact our Director, Ram Mahendran at

by Ram Mahendran

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