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  • Ryan Ford

How Care Homes are Bouncing Back After Covid-19 Pandemic

When tragedy struck in early 2020, panic arose. Covid-19 made many people lose their jobs as business’ were closed to the public and couldn’t generate profits. One industry particularly impacted, was the nursing/care home industry.


Fortunately, the UK governments provided £2.1 billion in financial support to keep these homes open. An estimated 60% of care home beds were at risk of financial collapse if not for the government support.


For care home staff, this time was tough. As companies had to reduce their costs, staff had to be cut, meaning remaining employees had to work many more hours than they were used to.


For homes like Bromson Hill Nursing Home, the impact of Covid-19 still lingers today. Bromson Hill acts in enforcing regulations to ensure the people inside are safe and prepared to keep Covid-19 contained, and also if a similar outbreak were to ever occur.

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