• Kirsty Kerr

Families are put in a position to pay to visit loved ones

If these past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started has taught us anything is to keep your loved ones close and safe. Many families went months without seeing their loved ones in nursing homes. Being able to only talk through the phone or visit and wave from the window. One thing that helped families of residents at Bromson Hill feel less anxious about not being able to see their loved ones is that they knew they were in the best hands possible because their staff pride themselves in love and care. Finally, came the day when the UK began to offer free lateral flow tests, allowing families to reunite with their families. At Bromson Hill Nursing Home this was a huge victory as it lifted the spirits of residents and restored unity between families and workers.

Until recently, the government has announced the stop of free lateral flow tests to the public including care home visitors. This brings about a huge burden on families of residents in nursing homes because it will now cost families more to visit their loved ones. For those families dealing with terminal illnesses, this additional cost leaves them struggling even more. As recent COVID-19 cases rise, it is more crucial than ever to keep lateral flow tests free and not put families in the position to ration visits leaving their loved ones isolated once again. Bromson Hill Nursing Home in Ashorne, Warwick understands the importance of visiting loved ones and believes that these tests should remain free to avoid endangering residents.

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