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Nursing home near me?

As many advances are being made in medicine and health, we are able to live longer lives, and if you are looking for an assisted living community where you will still be able to have independence and fulfillment, a nursing home or care home may be the right choice for you.

Although many choose to live in residential assisted living facilities, where there are fewer staff to each resident, for anyone requiring more personal or medical care, residential nursing homes and care homes are great options. Residential care homes and nursing homes both have fewer residents to each staff member, allowing for any amount of care the resident requires. Care homes typically have about 6 staff members to 1 resident, and nursing homes usually have about 4 staff members to 1 resident.

As you are asking, “Where is there a nursing home near me?” it is important to understand the distinction between a nursing home and a care home. While care homes do provide all of the personal support residents need, nursing homes are also able to provide medical care to residents. Nursing homes have a registered nurse present 24 hours each day to attend to any medical needs that may arise among residents.

Both nursing homes and care homes strive to give residents an engaging experience. At Bromson Hill Nursing Home in Warwick, which functions as both a nursing home and a care home, we have activities like armchair exercises, pamper time, bingo, and music therapy. We want all of our residents to feel that they have independence while also receiving the amount of care they desire and need. For any residents in Warwick looking for a nursing home nearby, Bromson Hill is here for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We would be delighted to speak with you.

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