• Kirsty Kerr

Reflections on five years at Bromson Hill

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

My parents and I purchased Bromson Hill, based in Ashorne near Warwick, in June 2014. We thought now was an opportune time to set out some reflections on our experience to date.

First, the commitment of staff (or colleagues as we prefer) continues to please and hearten us. Perhaps more so than the average for the U.K. care sector, and given our countryside location, the Home is a community of colleagues, residents and family members.

Second, consistent effort and attention is required to make nursing homes succeed. For example, having staff surveys regularly; maintaining and improving facilities and keeping up to date with essential care records.

Third, fees have to at least keep track with wage increases.

Finally, this is not a business but a medium to long-term endeavour with both tangible and intangible rewards.

- Ram Mahendran

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