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Respite care near me

What is respite care and when is it useful? Respite care refers to a short-term placement often as little as one week long to a care or nuring home. It could be arranged by the resident themselves, social services or the family and is often associated with enabling the main carer or carers to have a break or holiday. Respite care can be very rewarding therefore for not only the resident but the carer or family.

It is important when searching for respite care near me that you consider whether the home has in place special arrangements for respite care. Ideally, staff would be used to receiving respite residents who have less time to settle in than longer term placements. The home also has to fill in same amount of paperwork and care plans so this has to be factored into assessing which respite care home near me is suitable. Also, when searching respite care near me look for recommendations from relevant industry sites and also speak to social services and ask for three references from previous residents or their family members.

Due to Covid, the industry generally saw substantially fewer respite stays, for example due to fear about admitting a resident to a home, but this is expected to gradually increase.

Bromson Hill has provided respite care in Warwickshire for over 20 years. We cover the surrounding villages and towns such as Southam, Leamington Spa, Moreton Morrell, Warwick and Stratford. Our experienced staff are through experience and their friendly nature able to help settle in residents sooner and ensure their care needs are respected and accounted for. Contact us if we can provide further assistance.

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