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Major Refurbishment to Bromson Hill Nursing Home Facility

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Major Refurbishment to Bromson Hill Nursing Home Facility

Independent and long-established countryside nursing home based in Warwickshire  

Warwick, UK -Bromson Hill Nursing Home, based in Ashorne, Warwickshire, is delighted to announce the commencement of a major refurbishment project. The works are expected to take between 18-24 months and will significantly improve facilities for both residents and staff. The project will include convenient and modern additions to our all existing en-suite rooms and training facilities. 

Despite a long construction period, we will ensure that it will not disrupt residents. The works will be undertaken sympathetically given the everyday needs of residents and a fully functioning nursing home.

We will be installing wet rooms to all of our en-suite rooms for our residents to enjoy. This luxury addition will provide more space and increased safety for our residents. The director of Bromson Hill Nursing Home, Ram Mahendran, said how “at Bromson Hill, our mission is to put the comfort and safety of our residents first, which is why we felt this addition is perfect to bring ease to their daily activities.”

The adjustments being made to the training facilities include new tables, chairs, paintings, and more. Our goal is to update the facility to fit in with the more modern world while still maintaining our comfortable, homely environment. 

Rather than outsourcing the installation work from tradesmen based in other cities, we will be employing local tradesmen seeking jobs in Warwickshire. One of our central values is being family and community oriented, therefore it was important to us to provide work for those local to our care home. 

Visit our website to learn more about our facilities:

Bromson Hill Nursing Home

Ashorne, Warwick CV35 9AD

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