• Kirsty Kerr

Staying healthy and engaged at an advanced age

Staying healthy and physically active at an advanced age can be difficult. But it is no less important than at any other stage in life. Bromson Hill Nursing Home (BHNM) appreciates this—as well as the fact that health is more than physical exercise. At BHNM residents the whole person is cared for mentally and physically.

A well-known study at Alameda County found that those with a strong sense of community and belonging experience better physical health outcomes. Bromson Hill understands this. That is why the nursing home offers weekly activities from music therapy to spa-pampering to bingo afternoons to promote psychological wellbeing and give residents a sense of connectedness.

Whether you or a loved one are living in a care home facility, staying active and connected is critical. If the day comes when you need care, Bromson Hill Nursing Home in Ashorne, Warwick is here to keep you feeling belonged, active, and healthy.

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