• Kirsty Kerr

The Importance of Attentive Care

As we get older the range of struggles and adversities with our own bodies increases. Some of these afflictions can severely alter the way the elderly live their lives. Dementia is one of these debilitating diseases that can leave a person unable to care for themselves and thus require extra care and assistance. Some require quite a lot more support and the nursing homes many elderlies live in can abide by their needs, but some require the best care, and these places are few and far between.

Even though these nursing homes provide ready and available care, Dementia remains a difficult disease to provide care services for. It is most important that proper attentive care be administered timely and in the appropriate manner. Unfortunately, there are places where those that need attentive care can’t find it due to the inexperience of caregivers and thus these people suffer longer unnecessarily. Those that find themselves with such ailments must be treated in the best way possible, with proper care and attention along with experienced caretakers who can recognize and abide by any concern people can have regarding their dementia. Those with dementia are also limited in the size and scope of most activities and cannot do many of the things they would have enjoyed prior. To remedy this, specially tailored activities must be presented to them, while encouraging the building of a rapport between patient and caregiver. The closer the bond, the more enjoyment those with dementia can find when engaged in these specialized activities.

At the Bromson Hill Nursing Home, in Ashorne, Warwick we are committed to treating every affliction and concern of our patients to the utmost, by providing wholesome care and appropriate attention to every member of Bromson Hill. We understand the desire to keep your loved ones safe, entertained, and accommodated while dealing with any condition both known and unknown. Here at Bromson Hill, we can assure that all patients are receiving the best possible care available. For those seeking a place to keep their loved ones or themselves properly cared for, Bromson Hill is the place to go.

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